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Frequently Asked Questions

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Answers to your most common storage questions. “Store” this info away for when you’re ready to rent one of our storage units.

Storage Units

  • Are the units climate controlled?

    All our units are insulated, and the interior ones are heated.

  • Why are our units not all steel or block construction?

    When you use all steel or block construction you get moisture build up. Instead, we use chip-board (OSB) which keeps moisture at bay. We have steel framing, insulated steel ceilings & exterior walls, and OSB interior walls.

  • What size units are available?
  • Could I look at the inside of a unit before renting?

    Yes, feel free to come by the office and we’ll show you a unit.


  • What security measures do you use?

    Our onsite resident manager walks the property to make sure units are closed and that there’s no suspicious activity. We also use security cameras, motion sensors, and an electronic locking gate with keypad-coded access.

  • Do I have to buy a lock?

    No, we provide you with a high-quality lock and all the keys. You keep the lock when you leave.

  • I lost my key, what do I do?

    We do not have a master key for your lock. We charge $20 to cut off a lock and provide you with a new lock and key. We use high-quality locks that cannot easily be removed.

Rental Process

  • How do I rent a storage unit?

    Call us to see if the size of the unit you need is available. Fill out the initial application. Bring your completed application and driver’s license to the office to finish the paperwork & get your lock and key.

  • How do I pay for my storage unit?

    We take cash, checks, money orders, or credit/debit cards. You can also pay for your unit in six-month or one-year increments for significant savings.

  • How long are your rental contracts?

    Contracts are month to month, but we offer discounts when you pay for six or twelve months.

  • How do I get my security deposit back?

    To get your deposit back, make sure the unit is clean and undamaged. Please let us know at least 10 days before you plan to leave, and we’ll help you make any necessary repairs to get your deposit back.

    Before you leave:

    • Make sure the unit is empty.
    • Sweep out the unit and clean any spills.
    • Remove marks from the walls with a household cleaner.
  • When is the rent due?

    Rent is due on the anniversary of the day that you signed up for your storage unit.

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What Our Clients Say


I really like Booth Street Self Storage. I have been renting from them for a few years now. They don’t bother you when you come to access your unit and I truly appreciate that because I find it to be very respectful. They don’t close their gates for lunch, and they also have summer hours which are longer and very convenient. I also really appreciate that they value communication as much as I do. I definitely recommend this storage facility to anyone looking.


Very professional, the unit was in great condition, no last month deposit, takes credit cards. Great location.


Always feel like my things are safe and secure. Random security, with cameras all over. Good price for a clean unit with no hassles.


Excellent staff and reasonable pricing.